Saturday, December 4, 2010

Professor Scott's Visit

This is a reflection about Professor Scott's second visit. He's a retired history professor and he sits with us and talks to us about history, mostly about technology in the past. If you want more information about my post click here. Here's my reflection for his second visit:

1. What did you learn? (3 marks)

   I learned that all of the new technology that was created in the 1800s led to new jobs because to create those technologies you needed to make it, so more people were needed and there weren't only farmers anymore. Therefore, more people had money and became wealthier. Another thing I learned was the first steamboat was built by John Molson. He also started a beer company called Molson's Brewery in 1809. I learned the reason for why there were so many Irish people migrating to Canada that caused a huge population growth. It was because of the potato famine in Ireland. Potatoes were one of the staple foods in Ireland and when the potato crops weren't growing many people went hungry.

2. Which technology interested you? (1 mark) 

   The technology that interested me most was the telegraph which included Morse code. There were these codes with only dots and dashes and to me it seems really confusing and complicated. I cannot imagine using it. It would probably take me so long that I wouldn't want to even send the message anymore!

3. How did it impact society? (3 marks)

   The telegraph was one of the greatest inventions at that time, in my opinion. Even though people were very fond of it they probably wanted an easier and faster way to communicate. That's what got some people thinking and having ideas. Then, eventually the telephone was created, but I'm not sure who invented it. The whole point is, without the telegraph there would not be any telephones or cell phones.One technology leads to another new technology and it keeps on going. Like how the telegraph led to a telephone, which led to a wireless telephone, which led to a cell phone, which led to a touch screen cell phone and so forth. The telegraph also made sending messages faster and easier. Someone didn't have to go on a long journey just to send a message anymore. They were able to easily send them in their own home.

4. What questions do you have? (2 marks)

   Well, I was wondering who invented the first telephone? I also wanted to know when the first printing press was invented and if it was first used in Canada, if not, who invented it and where was it invented?

5. Tie into a big history idea. (1 mark)

   This ties into the big history idea about knowing the past to understand the present and prepare for the future. All the new technologies( in the 1800s) were like the older technologies, but an improved and more modern version. Even now people look at technology in the past to help them create new technology, which will help people in the future. An example is the telegraph and how people used that to help create the telephone, which was easier for people.


  1. Hello Genghis,
    the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell... you should know this Sara! No, I'm kidding. Happy blogging.

  2. Oh! Why thank you for answering my question Khannah! Was the company "Bell" named after him?
    Anyways, happy blogging to you too.
    -SARA Khan (: