Friday, December 17, 2010

Teenagers and Sleep

I'm writing this blog in response to Miss Pollock's post about Assignment #4

For this assignment we had to work in groups. My group members are:
Jeffrey, Noah, and Walid

If you still want to read more about this interesting topic, here are some websites that are really helpful:
 - Chart on the right amount of sleep click here.
 - For an article that's really interesting click here.
 - Of course helped a lot and you can always search there for further information.

This issue is all about teenagers and sleep. People our age are supposed to have eight and a half hours to nine and a half hours of sleep. Unfortunately, many teenagers don't get as much sleep as they should! Some people say that we should change the time school starts because that is one of the reasons for why we don't sleep enough. Another reason for why we teenagers don't sleep enough is because of electronics. Many articles say that ever since laptops, cellphones and other electronic gadgets were invented, we have been getting less sleep. One specific article, that I have listed above, says that before the light bulb was invented people slept more than they do now. This was probably because after the sun set and it was too dark to stay outside with friends, teenagers just went home to sleep.

   This topic is important for the "Digital Classroom" because in order to work on a computer and look at the screen, you cannot be tired. You need to be well rested. Some people actually get glasses if they're on the computer all night and are tired as well. Also, when you're doing assignments on blogs you have to do it at an appropriate time, not at 12:00 am. It's crucial to get enough sleep so you can pay attention in school and not fall asleep by accident. We all should get our homework done at least before 10:00 pm. That way you can go to bed and have around 9 hours of sleep, which is how many you should be getting.



So, think before the next time you decide to stay up late watching TV or doing anything else!

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  1. You guys have a great start on this. I'd love to hear more specific information about how your body and brain work when you're sleep deprived. Also, maybe you can give your classmates some specific suggestions about how to get more and better sleep (meditate before sleeping, conditions of your bedroom, being on a schedule...)

    In order to present this, you need to have enought information for a five minute presentation. Keep up the good work!