Saturday, December 25, 2010

Assignment #16: Eric Walters Response

This is a response to Miss Pollock's post about our lunch with Eric Walters.

For the first part of our assignment we had to choose three books by Eric Walters and write what we think is the main idea or message for each book. Here are the three books I chose, along with their messages:

Bifocal: Do not judge or assume things about someone before knowing them or their side of a story.
Run: Do not ever give up because you can accomplish anything with hope and perseverance.
Black and White: Don't judge someone just because of where they are from.

For the second part of our assignment we had to make our own short story about an issue that we think is important. Here's my short story:

   I'm the new kid at my school. I've only been here for about two months and luckily I made some awesome friends. Today was just another ordinary day. My friends and I were laughing our heads off, as usual. I had a peanut butter, jelly sandwich, as always. I saw Veruka sitting by herself, as usual. Everyone ignores her for some reason, so I ignore her too, but I do smile or wave at her sometimes. When I do wave or smile at her people give me weird looks. While Emily was talking about her new video game I saw Veruka running towards us. Maybe she wanted to be our friend. No, it couldn't be, her face was as red as a cherry and streams of tears were rushing down her face. I looked around and saw that she was running towards the ladies' room. I couldn't just pretend I never saw her, I would feel too guilty. Finally, I decided to go see what was wrong. While I was opening the door I heard someone sobbing. It was Veruka and she had something sharp in her hand. "Oh no! I hope she's doing what I think she's doing!", I thought. I quickly ran to her and took the sharp thing from her hand. Luckily, I came before she had done any harm to herself. I asked her what she was doing and why. She said that every time she got picked on she held it inside of her, until she couldn't hold it in anymore. That's why she was going to hurt herself. I told her that it doesn't make anything go away or make her feel better. From that day on we became best friends. People gave me weird looks at first, but I didn't mind because why should they care who I become friends with. I learned my lesson. Just because people ignore someone it doesn't mean that you have to ignore them too. Nowadays, I judge people after I meet them not before. Everyone deserves to have the chance of making friends and you never know if that person becomes your best friend.

Well, that's my story! Hope you enjoyed it! (:


  1. Oh my goodness Sara, I LOVE your story!
    It's so touching! Keep it up, you're a great writer.

  2. Thanks Hannah! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Great job on your story. I'd love to see you develop this into something longer as I think it has a LOT of potential!