Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Assignment #15: Slam Poets Response

 This is a response to Miss Pollock's post.

    Miss Pollock organized a couple of sessions with professional slam poets. It's really cool working with them. So far we have had 2 sessions with them.  Here's a response to the first session we had with them:

3 things that you are looking forward to learning, developing or using in your poetry over the course of our Slam workshops.

- Well, by the end of these sessions I want to be able to make my ideas more organized. I want to be able to make my poems more organized and get better at poetry.

- I want to learn a new way of presenting my poems. I want to be able to project my voice when I'm talking in front of an audience. Hopefully they'll give us some tips about performing and how to make your performance more interesting.

- I like how Beth Anne had a good way of saying her poem and how it all flowed. Greg also did it too with his poem that he sung. I'm hoping to make my poetry have a good flow in it.

2 things that Greg or Beth Anne reinforced that we have already been doing in class, or you are already using in your own writing.

- Well, I like how Greg said that anything you write is a poem because poetry is your thoughts and creativity written on paper. Also, he reinforced that there are only two types of poems in this world, poems that rhyme and poems that don't rhyme.

- They also talked about brainstorming and how you just write a bunch of things that you think are related to the topic. It doesn't matter how weird it sounds, it's just a place to start thinking about your poem.

1 poem that you wrote yesterday.
For the first session we had to write a noun or adjective on a piece of paper and then switch your paper with someone else. The word that I got when I switched papers with someone was the word "blank". That word made my mind go blank and it was really hard to work with, but eventually it came to me. Here's my poem:

Imagine if the world lost its colour
All the beauty drained out
No more waking up to a chorus of chirping birds
How boring would it be?

Take time to observe the beauty around you
Listen to all the sounds around you and breathe in the rich oxygen
Don't take it for granted
Who knows, it might disappear one day

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