Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Assignment #19: If I Had $100

For this assignment we had one hundred (imaginary) dollars. We had to pick how and where we should spend our money. Click here for more information.

   The organizations that I chose to spend my one hundred dollars on are Oxfam, Plan, and Happy Factory. I chose Oxfam because they have great gifts with great prices. The Plan foundation donates money and gifts to children and they also have gifts with great prices. Happy Factory is a foundation that sends toys to children who have never held a toy before. Part of being a child is having fun and playing with toys and I think it's great that this foundation is trying to make sure every child has a toy.

   From Oxfam I chose to spend fifty dollars on a gift that helps girls go to school. In many developing countries (Ethiopia, India, Cambodia etc.) most families don't have enough money to send all their children to school, so they only send their sons to school. That's where this gift comes in. It gives those families the money to also send their daughters to school. Girls would also get married later since they're busy finishing their education.

   The gift I chose from Plan is "an endless harvest" for forty dollars. This gift helps a family grow crops and feed themselves. They could also sell the food from their crops. The best thing is that it will never stop giving. It will feed families for years.

   Happy Factory is where I'm going to spend the ten dollars I have left. Happy factory will make twenty toys with ten dollars. Which means twenty children will get the happiness they deserve. 

   I can't believe one hundred dollars could change so much!

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