Friday, March 25, 2011

Assignment #23: Canada and China

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For this assignment we had to research information about the people in China and Canada. Then we had to compare between the two. Canada and China have some human characteristics in common, but I also found some human characteristics that were different. I have three pieces of information for China and Canada.

1) The fertility rate in China is 1.54 children per woman and for Canada it's 1.58 children per woman. I know that China has a lot of people (like 1,336,718,015 people), so why is the fertility rate more than Canada's fertility rate? This information was recorded recently and recently the Chinese government made a law about how Chinese families are only allowed having one child. However, Canada does not have this law and families are allowed to have any amount of children. This is why Canada has a higher fertility rate.

2) The birth rate in China is 12.29 births for a population of 1,000 people and for Canada it's 10.28. Even though China has a lower fertility rate, it still has more people than Canada and more people equals more births. Therefore, it makes sense that China has a higher birth rate than Canada.

3) The life expectancy for China is 74.68 years and it's lower than Canada's, which is 81.38 years. Since China is so overpopulated there is probably a lot of pollution being created, resulting to a lot of sicknesses. In Canada we don't have that many people, so we don't have as much pollution as China. This makes Canada a healthier place to live, which is why Canadians live longer.

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