Monday, March 7, 2011

History Fair Reflection

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4 - The four most interesting things that you learned about your topic in your researching.
1) I found out that the industrial revolution impacted artists. They showed their feelings towards the industrial revolution through their artwork.
2) The lost voices were the labourers and they were treated horribly. Some industries still treat their workers that way.
3) The first law that gave some rights to labourers was made by the ONTARIO Factory Act.
4) During the industrial revolution the richest men in Canada were railway industrialists.

3 - Three things that you felt proud of on the day of the Fair.1) I felt proud of how much information I knew about my topic. I was able to answer almost every single question they asked me.
2) My voice was louder and clearer than usual, so I'm proud of that.
3) I'm proud of how hard I worked to complete my project.

2 - Two specific researching or presentation techniques that were helpful to make your project so wonderful.
1) During my presentation I spaced out the lines so I didn't have to analyze my sheet for an hour. It helped a lot.
2) I wrote seperate topics to research to organize myself more. Organization really helps when it comes to researching.

1 - One suggestion to make the History Fair even better in the future.
1) I think we should have more judges so everyone is able to get judged at least three times.

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