Thursday, March 24, 2011

Assignment #22: Faces of the World

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Part A:
Here's a definition of the word "globalization" that I found on the internet:
Growth to a global or worldwide scale; "the globalization of the communication industry". To see where I found this definition click here.

Here's my own definition of the word "globalization":
Something internationally growing and developing.

Part B:
      The Face of Tomorrow is an awesome project, but how do they put it together? I have researched a bit and I think I have found out how they're doing it. It all started with a photographer named Mike Mike. It started to spread to other photographers from different places around the world like Germany, Japan and many other countries. I think that they ask to take pictures of random people in a certain city and then when they're done they put all the faces together to make one face, and that face is the face of tomorrow.

In real life, how do facial identities change over generations?
   Facial identities change over generations. I think in real life they change depending on the parents. It all depends on how your ancestors looked. It all depends on your parents or maybe even your grandparents. Most of the time you get physical characteristics from your family and relatives (uncles, aunts etc.). I'm not quite sure how to answer this question, so sorry if it doesn't make much sense.

 Part C:   
      While exploring the "Face of Tomorrow" I found a lot of interesting things. After they were done making the composite pictures for both male and female, the composite face did not look realistic. The more people you add to the composite, the more unrealistic it looks. I was looking at the composite pictures for Brazil and I noticed that the female composite picture was smiling and her teeth were showing. Later on I clicked the "Exhibitions" tab and read that Mike also noticed it and said that Brazil was like a "utopia". I found that interesting, so I kept on looking at composite pictures of different countries and found that Amsterdam, Netherlands had both female and male composites smiling with their teeth showing. Another thing I found interesting was how almost every city's composite pictures had brown hair and brown eyes.

Part D: 
      I think the face below that I have created best represents "the face of tomorrow". One of the reasons why my average face is the "face of tomorrow" is because I have put more Asian and brunette pictures than light hair and dark skinned people. This is because in two videos we have watched (two videos called 7 Billion and Are You Typical?) it said that most of the earth's population is going to be living in South Asia and we already have a lot of people living in China as well, so that's why the majority of my pictures are Asian looking people. I also put two photos of light skinned and haired people and two photos of dark skinned and dark haired people, which is another reason why my average face is the "face of tomorrow". People from Northern Asia, Southern Asia and other places in the Southern Hemisphere have higher birth rates and almost all of them are dark haired. Most countries in the Southern Hemisphere are developing countries, which means some of them would travel to countries where they could get a better education or more opportunities and most of the time they stay and get married there. A lot of people have brown hair already in these developed countries and brunettes plus brunettes equals more brunettes, and I think that's a kind of globalization. My person has brown hair and brown eyes, and since almost everyone will have these two physical features soon my average face is the "face of tomorrow".

Part E: 
     I think I do have a face that represents my nationality. My family is from Pakistan and the majority of Pakistanis have brown hair, brown eyes and have darker skin, but some Pakistanis have light skin too. I have brown hair and brown eyes, but I don't really have dark skin, my skin has more of an olive skin tone to it. I actually don't know where people think I came from if they only looked at my face. Maybe they would think I'm from South Asia, after all I do have all of the characteristics I listed.

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