Sunday, May 1, 2011

Assignment #24: Canadian Political Parties

      For this assignment we had to read an article about the main political parties in Canada. We had to choose which one we would vote for if we were eighteen or older. I chose the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP):

      I want Canada to actually change, which is why I would vote for the New Democratic Party of Canada. I agree with all of their policies. They will raise taxes, but that money will go to social services that we all need. It will make health care more affordable. It will go to our education, making post secondary education more affordable. Public transit is another social service that it would go to. It has better environmental policies. Instead of reducing taxes for big corporations, who are also big polluters, they will have to pay environmental bills for the amount of pollution they create, which our environment will benefit from. The New Democratic Party of Canada will make sure that the food we're eating is safe by labeling whether they are genetically modified or not. They will make it more affordable for farmers to manage their farms. The New Democratic Party of Canada has great equality policies. They will make a new relationship with the First Nations and will make up for all the past wrongs the government has done to them, by allowing them to get more involved in our economy, help improve their housing, drinking water and etcetera. They also would support LGBTQ. It would be great to have a leader who will change Canada for the greater good and keep their promises.


  1. Great assignment Sara! I wish I read it after I finished mine though because it will be hard not to copy your amazing points.

  2. Thanks Hannah! I hate it when that happens! Don't worry I just named a few of the New Democratic Party's excellent policies. You'll be fine.