Friday, October 29, 2010

Assignment 7: World of Work

I'm really excited for the World of Work field trip!

   The sector that appeals the most to me is the Service sector. It appeals the most to me because I like to cook and bake things and I also like to do work that lets me be creative.

 I picked these jobs because they appealed the most to me:

Construction Sector:
- Architectural Technology and Design
- Landscape Gardening
- Cabinetmaking

Employment Sector:
- Job Skill Demonstration
- Prepared Speech
- This is related to Prepared Speech: Teacher

Information and Technology Sector:
- TV and Video Production
- 2D Character Computer Animation
- This job is related to a graphic designer: an Art Director

Manufacturing Sector:
- Mechanical CADD
- Robotics
- Mechatronics

Service Sector:
- Fashion Technology
- Cooking
- Baking

Transportation Sector:
- Aircraft Maintenance
- Outdoor Power and Recreational Equipment
- Aircraft Maintenance

  Four questions that I have for World of Work is:
- If you're a welder do people give you a picture of what they want and you have to try to make it out metal?
Or could you just make anything you want and sell it?
- Are all the people at each booth people that go to college or are they still doing the apprenticeship course?
- If I was a welder then what would my salary be?
- What are some safety tips for welding?

   I'm not sure what I'll do after high school. Well, welding looks pretty awesome becasue you can make anything and it would be made out of metal! After high school I'd like to go university and maybe take something in science or teaching. If I cannot be a teacher I would like to do something with science, foreign affairs and my last option would be a writer or journalist. I haven't made my final decision yet, but hopefully by the end of high school I'll find something I really like and pursue that in my career.


The page that Mrs. Polluck listed:
For the images I used Google

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