Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind My Name: Sara Khan

Before I started this assignment, I thought my name was really common, because I meet a lot of people with the same first name.

I think my parents chose this name for me becuase they liked the name.

After searching on Behind the NameI learned that my first name means "Princess". Sadly I do not have a middle name so I'll go straight to my last name, Khan, means "Ruler".

Something interesting I learned is that Genghis Khan is my ancestor and he had one of the largest empires in the world. I think he changed his last name to Khan because since he "ruled" several countries he decided to call himself a "ruler" which is Khan, my last name. My first name Sara is really popular in English, Danish, Spanish speaking countries and in South Asia. In South Asia the used to call the the leader of their tribes "Khan". My family tribe is called "Bungish"( if that's how you spell it). I found my family's coat of arms, but I'm not so sure what the pictures mean, but it looks really cool:

I think my does suit me becuase I can't really imagine myself without any other name and plus it's nice and short. If i could give myself a new name, it would be Avalon, because I think it's a pretty name and because it's in the title of one of my favourite Iron Maiden songs, which is called Isle of Avalon.


  1. Hey Genghis, I'm creeping your blog! You should do a post about the history being the name "Genghis Khan!" I give you permission to call me "Khanna." Oh, remember today when we paid Mr. Gerlat for teaching us math!!! And he found those broken things that I didn't even brake!
    See you tomorrow for World of Work!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh World of Work was so awesome!
    And yes, I do remember paying Mr.
    Gerlat! Ha Ha.