Monday, October 18, 2010

Assignment #5: Island Man

Island Man (for a Caribbean island man in London who still wakes up to the sound of the sea)
by Grace Nichols
an island man wakes up
to the sound of blue surf
in his head
the steady breaking and wombing
wild seabirds
and fishermen pushing out to sea
the sun surfacing defiantly
from the east
of his small emerald island
He always comes back
groggily groggily
comes back to sands
of a grey metallic soar
to a surge of wheels
to dull North Circular roar
muffling muffling
his crumpled pillow waves
island man heaves himself
another London day

I think the 10 most important words in this poem are: Morning, wakes, surf, seabirds, sun, island, back, dull, heaves, London.

I wouldn't like to wake up anywhere else, becasue I like my comfortable bed in my comforatble room. Also because it's a really nice view whenever I look out my window. It's nice and calm where I live and there's not much commotion going on outside so it's really quiet and I like it because while I read I like the quiet so I can really get into my book. I also like the countryside and would like to wake up there becuase it's nice and quiet and when I learn to ride a motorcycle you can ride it as fast as you can becuase there are like no other cars.

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