Saturday, February 5, 2011

Assignment #20: My Group's SOLE Presentation (Part 2)

Well, as I finished part one if this assignment I thought it was really easy. Then, the next day I thought it was too easy, so I went back to Miss Pollock's post about this assignment. After I read it I decided to make a part two for this assignment and type the things that I forgot to type in part one. 

   Here are three things that I want you guys to notice:
1) I really want you guys to notice how important it is to get enough sleep. There are a lot of bad things that can happen if you do not get enough sleep.
2) Notice all the amazing facts about sleep. I think sleep is one of the most interesting things our body does. Why do we dream when sleeping? What does it do to help our body? Does it help our body physically or emotionally? There are a lot questions, but not as many answers.
3) If you do not get enough sleep please notice all the helpful tips that we put in our slide show presentation.


  1. Why hello there Hannah. How are you doing this fine day? Sorry I couldn't make it to the "Dare to Stand Out" conference. My parents went shopping for stuff.