Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assignment #26: Where Children Eat and Sleep

     For this assignment we had to look at two different slide shows and/or blogs. They were about where children all over the world slept and what they ate. I was really surprised by everything I saw in the slide shows. To sum up everything we learned in our geography unit about demography, we were asked to make up a country of our own. In this assignment you will learn about the lifestyle of families, specifically children, in my country. Before I start I would like you to know that I have not yet named it . I would also like you to know that the text below is from the point of view of a fourteen years old female living in my country.

      I have read about many different lifestyles around the world, but I know that I still have a lot more to discover. I got inspired to write about all the interesting things about my life after reading various articles about other people's lives. Maybe a lot of people haven't heard about my culture and the country that I live in, which is why I have started a blog.

      I'll start out by introducing myself. My name is Grace Batts, I'm fourteen years old and I love to write and when I get older I would love to visit all the places that I have read about.

      I live in a house with two floors, and a basement. The cool thing about where I live is that every house is solar powered, they all have solar panels. It kind of looks like this: 

 It has four large bedrooms and four bathrooms. I have a bedroom all to myself. The walls are filled with posters of my favourite bands, my favourite books, quotes that I find inspiring and beautiful landscapes from all over the world. In my room there is a desk that has a bunch of papers and my laptop on it, there's a bookshelf which holds my favourite books, a closet filled with my clothes and a bed.

     I go to school from nine o'clock in the morning to three o'clock in the afternoon. Where I come from French is the national language and English is the second language, but I've learned to speak fluently in both. I have just graduated from high school and I'm going to university soon. Most people here live far from the city. There aren't a lot of people here, it's a very sparsely populated country. 

     My family's recipe includes Kerguelen cabbage soup, it's very delicious. We also eat rabbit meat and we have a neighbour that raises flocks of sheep, which we eat too. There are many different fish that we get from the market such as the Mackerel Icefish. Sometimes before a special holiday the fish markets sell parrot fish. If you like fish, then you must try parrot fish, they are the delicious type of fish that I have ever tasted! 

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